Please remember - these are suggestions to give you ideas.

Portions should be small to make digestion easier and stress on the body to be minimised!

Breakfast (Remember your Glyconutrients)

1/2 grapefruit followed by


1x chopped apple, red or yellow

4 dried apricots chopped

grapes - Hannepoort if you can get

cubed paw paw

Enjoy a sweet start to the day


2 x boiled eggs  


handful of nuts and dried fruit



1/2 cup of cooked rice combined with

chopped red + yellow peppers



sesame seeds

chopped dates

shredded lettuce

1 x very finely chopped Brussels Sprout


Cranberries followed by some almonds

Supper (Remember your Glyconutrients)

fresh chopped spinach

2 x grated carrots

2 x grated zucchini

sliced mushrooms x 2 punnets

chopped fresh asparagus

2 x florets broccoli , chopped

1/2 cup of finely sliced sweet potato

1/2 cup grated butternut

lightly warm in Olive oil and balsamic vinegar over moderate heat

should still be crunchy when eating

season with Rosemary, basil and fresh coriander,

dash of salt and cayenne pepper

Preparation for Wednesday

soak 1 cup of Aduki beans in 3 cups of filtered cold water for 

Wednesday night

Make salad dressing for lunch tomorrow.

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