Please remember - these are suggestions to give you ideas.

Portions should be small to make digestion easier and stress on the body to be minimised!

Breakfast (Remember your Glyconutrients)

Apple  puree x 1/2 cup

enjoy with dash of cinnamon

finish with:

 dessicated coconut, sunflower seeds and raisins, combined in a bowl

add 1 tablespoon of clotted cream or have plain

If you have finished your 6 week non dairy regime. If not please have plain


peel and depip avocado pear

mix into cream

add chopped mange tout beans, cucumber 

and sweet red pepper, grind some black pepper over mixture


Lettuce salad with olives, mushrooms

grated carrots and sesame seeds

dress with a little olive oil and cayenne pepper


dates to keep going till supper time

Supper (Remember your Glyconutrients)

Dish 1

place plum puree in frying pan

lightly warm 2x punnets of chopped mushrooms in puree

Dish 2

warm chopped onion in 2 Tblsp of olive oil and black pepper

add broccoli florets, carrot strips, sprouts, asparagus and chopped Swiss chard

serve and enjoy

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