About Us

People often ask me:-

Who are you?

What do you do?

What do you enjoy?

Who I am?

My quirky sense of humour and sense of ‘rightness’ leads me to buck well know medical suppositions.

My passion lies in helping people achieve ease in life as opposed to dis-ease.

This realization and passion has come from years of working with children and adults struggling to achieve wellness in their unique situations in their day to day lives.

What do I do?

Well, besides being a wife, full time mother and home-exec,

I would say the rest would include

Nutritional counseling

Assisting clients to achieve emotional and physical wellbeing through

a. personality assessments and a sound knowledge of their,

b. love languages,

c. body knowledge.

Support and guidance as a life coach to enable my clients to be ALL they can be in their lives.

What do I enjoy?

I get enjoyment and pleasure out of watching my previously bedridden daughter dance and enjoy life again.

I derive immense joy and pleasure from watching my son ride his BMX and perform some hair-raising tricks and over come numerous food sensitivities and back challenges.

The feeling of seeing a fibromyalgia sufferer be pain free and have joy and ease in their lives once again.

To know that a sugar challenged person can smile and be comfortable in their eating regimen and in their daily lives.

Adding to these joys great pleasure and comfort is derived from the enjoyment of reading [almost anything] and hand work like knitting, cross stitching and quilting.

Pets and animals in general bring joy and peace to my life as does the garden -this includes my attempts to grow my own organic herbs and vegetables.

This includes looking up and finding what I call “retro Recipes” I really enjoy the old recipes and making them ‘NEW” and relevant to today with the new and current understanding and knowledge of food, medicine and herb

I enjoy taking a journey with people placed at points in my life: learning, sharing and laughing, loving and giving.

Come, share the journey with me!

Contact Us

Janine Shapiro

+27 (0)82 857 6945

+27 (0)11 896 3379


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